The Foyer Federation

The Client

The Foyer Federation is a not-for-profit organisation that helps transform the circumstances of young people. Since 1992, they have worked with young people to create new approaches developing the skills and resources they need to thrive.



About This Project

The Foyer Federation offers support not only to individuals, but also a wide range of other organisations and charities. As a result a lot of their materials and resources are delivered indirectly.


As a design agency, we’ve done a lot of design for charities so we soon recognised that the key to helping The Foyer Federation retain presence and recognition was a clear brand with strong colours and visual elements that can be rolled out across a variety of media. Over the past couple of years pre have produced a wide range of resources, materials, guides and brochures. Each have needed to have a unique identity and be distinct – yet at the same time still have key elements and cues that clearly mark it as a Foyer product.