The client

With their members providing over 2.5 million homes, The National Housing Federation (NHF) is the voice of housing associations in England. Their vision is of a country where everyone can live in a good quality home that they can afford.

The brief

With influential speakers, engaging seminars and networking opportunities, the National Housing Federation’s events have a great reputation within the industry. However because their events are often very specialised and focussed, they run a series of different themed events throughout the year. With competition for delegates stronger than ever, NHF needed to better communicate the full breadth and diversity of their individual events. As well as making each of their events stand out more, they also needed to find a way to help cross-sell between them.

Event identities
Conference materials
Promotional brochures

Event stands
Social assets

Our approach

Pre worked with NHF to create a suite of logos and brand assets to run across each of their events. We built on the heritage and recognition that NHF already enjoys by keeping to their existing brand elements such as typefaces and colour palettes. We then expanded these in order to create individual identities that were unique to each of the charity’s events. The new events logos and identities provide a balance that allows diversity, expression and differentiation – while still maintaining a consistency that identifies them as on-brand NHF events.

The result

Since creating the new suite of events logos, we have rolled out items ranging from promotional flyers and press ads to conference guides. The new logos and materials now clearly differentiate each of the events, yet also bring them together as a cohesive set. This will not only increase brand awareness and recognition for NHF, it will also encourage existing visitors of one event to attend others that they might not have previously considered.

"We've been working closely with Pre for a couple of years on the design of our annual conferences. They're great to work with and really understand our brand, so always create things that fit!"

Marketing Officer, National Housing Federation

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