Our approach is
We always tell clients to look at projects from a different perspective - the perspective of their target audience. By focussing on what THEY need and what THEIR pain points are, strategy and design become infinitely more powerful.

Our approach to Branding

Your brand is not what you think it is. It's what your customers think it is.

Why brand matters

The importance of branding can’t be overstated. It builds an emotional connection with your customers that drives trust, loyalty and reputation. It therefore influences every aspect of your customers’ perception of your company.

If your brand is easily recognised and consistently delivers a positive experience, not only will customers have the peace of mind and confidence to buy. They’ll be coming back again and again.

Great branding delivers results.

How we build successful brands

We help our clients to articulate their brand offering and share it with the world. We build brands that deeply connect with customers, employees and the general public to build confidence and recognition.

We appeal to people’s emotions through branding to give our clients a human side which their customers feel more connected to – meaning they remain loyal and tell others about their experience.

We create brands that people care about and that put our clients ahead of their competition.

Branding: What we do
Our 'glass slipper' approach

If it’s not the perfect fit then it’s the wrong fit. We create brands for our clients that are made to measure by working from an informed and robust starting point. We focus on a client’s market, target audience, positioning and objectives (either provided by the client or after research & positioning phases).

We explore the best possible ways for a client to communicate to the world – in a way that is honest, memorable and effective in attracting and retaining customers.

Typical projects:
Naming exercises / Design concepts / Logo designs / Key asset mockups / Colour palettes / Typography / Photography / Competitor benchmarking / Language and tone of voice / Presentations to internal teams

The only things that matter are the tiny details

With a clear direction and approach established, we craft, we strengthen and we refine.

We take painstaking care over building and developing the visual language of identities – creating brands that are as strong and effective as they can possibly be. We answer the question: How can our clients’ vision, values, positioning and offering be best articulated to the outside world?

Typical projects:
Brand development and refining / Stakeholder presentations / Creation of key in-house templates

Success through consistency

We create templates and guideline documents that ensure our clients’ brands remain consistent and perfectly understood – both internally and to a wider global audience. Not only does it help to maintain a high level of quality control, it also makes internal teams more efficient by streamlining the creative process.

Typical projects:
Guidelines documents / Brand assets / Presentations / In-house templates

Talking to the world

Working from established design styles and guidelines, we create the items that our clients need to communicate effectively to the outside world.

From stationery, internal templates and signage through to large external marketing campaigns, we ensure that everything produced is on brand, on message and on time.

Typical projects:
Stationery / Presentation and in-house templates / Corporate brochures / Signage / email signatures / uniforms / interior decoration / marketing materials

Our approach to Digital

The digital world is used by real humans with real needs and emotions.

Why digital matters

Having a strong digital presence is vital. It allows you to reach a much wider audience than traditional marketing methods and allows for greater visibility and reach. By engaging with customers wherever they are through social media, websites and other digital platforms you can build dialogue, credibility and increase your brand awareness.

By not fully embracing digital you miss out on opportunities to reach potential customers, generate leads and increase sales.

How we help businesses succeed online

The scale and power of today’s technology is hard to grasp. But digital is ultimately still about real people and how they feel and react. We help our clients by designing and creating experiences across a variety of digital channels that engage and inspire people. We help clients understand and grow their audience and to vastly increase their reach.

The inspiring digital experiences we create for our clients ensure they get noticed.

Digital: What we do
A global shop window

As well as being the first point of contact for their customers, a company’s website is an invaluable opportunity to showcase their offering. We build creative, inspiring and intuitive websites that do that in the best possible way. Behind the scenes we build on industry standard platforms for future-proofing, added security and optimal performance. Our combination of experience, creativity and technical expertise ensure that our clients increase their visibility and create a global presence.

Typical projects:
WordPress websites / e-Commerce sites / Landing pages / User journeys / Sitemap planning / SEO

Get out there!

Websites are just the beginning. People are spending longer than ever online, and across a wider range of devices and platforms too. The result is that potential touchpoints and opportunities to engage with customers never stop. We create materials that go well beyond websites – such as 3rd-party advertising, email outreach or social channels. We create assets that spread the word and reach audiences wherever they are.

Typical projects:
Static campaign banners / Animated banners / HTML emails / e-Signatures

Quicker. Easier. Better.

As well as being a powerful tool to grow audiences, digitial provides huge opportunities for improved speed, efficiency and cost savings. We help our clients by re-imagining their traditonal marketing and internal resources. By creating interactive and e-versions of things like printed brochures, we speed up distribution, reduce timescales, simplify updates and remove production costs – while also helping to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Typical projects:
Interactive PDFs / eBooks / Embedded Flipbooks / Downloadable content

"Build it & they will come" is like admitting you believe in unicorns

‘Build it and they will come’ only worked (sort of) at the beginning of the internet when there was very limited competition. But those days are LONG gone. A company today could have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows it exists then it’s going to disappear. We help our clients ensure that doesn’t happen to them through search engine optimisation, online advertising, social activity and more.

We make sure our clients are easy to find. Unlike unicorns!

Typical projects:
Social assets / SEO & Organic search / Adwords / Performance reporting

Our approach to Design

Don't get them to say yes or no. Get them to say WOW!

Why design matters

The way something is designed has a stong influence on how people react to it. Done well, good design enhances experiences by making products more compelling, enjoyable to use and easier to understand. Good design is vitial for businesses as it creates a positive impression, differentiates their products from their competitors and increases customer loyalty.

How we help businesses succeed through design

We obviously make things look great, but we don’t do vanity. Our approach to design goes well beyond visual appeal. Our designs communicate ideas that inform and make people action. It doesn’t matter if we’re working on an advert, brochure, packaging or event stand, our approach is the same: look at everything from the perspective of the target audience.

This approach sets our clients apart from their competitors and helps them to increase sales and visibility.

Design: What we do
The power of print

From sales brochures to annual reports, sometimes there’s nothing quite like the feeling of print. Through a combination of design and copy writing, we produce brochures that capture the reader’s attention in a way that is easy to digest and understand. By creating brochures that are on-brand and contain consise messaging, we ensure that the reader knows how to take the next step. We also work with an established network of print partners to provide an outstanding finish.

Typical projects:
Annual reports / Product brochures / Catalogues / Inhouse toolkits / Policy docs / User guides / Sales brochures

Remarkable things get remarked upon

We create marketing materials for clients that stand out and create a lasting impression. The marketing materials we create work hard to communicate our clients’ messages, promote their products – and most importantly generate leads. Additionally, we use them as tools to build trust and credibility with potential customers, as well as increase brand awareness.

Typical projects:
Flyers / Leaflets / Booklets / Posters / Inserts / Press ads

More often than not, packaging says it all.

How a product is packaged and presented has a huge bearing on its perceived value. We produce designs that are not only eye-catching but also inform customers and create a sense of quality and value. We help our clients to differentiate their product from their competitors and form an emotional connection with customers that drives and increases sales.

Typical projects:
Product boxes / Inserts / Bottle designs / Wraps / Clings / Gift boxes / Presentation gifts

We'll cover you in anti-camouflage paint

Competition for people’s attention at an exhibition is fierce, so you need to stand out. We create unique stand designs and exhibition materials that deliver maximum impact. But vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics alone are not enough. We consider the whole journey. Our designs are thought through and considered so that clear information ensures that visitors can quickly understand what the brand or product is about and that the environments we create are more relaxed so that visitors are encouraged to stay longer.

Typical projects:
Exhibition stands / Pop-up banners / Shop-in-shops / Retail POS / Store signage

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"Delighted with the website. Lots of positive comments received from customers, distributors and colleagues. We couldn't be happier with the results."

Marketing Manager, Johnston Sweepers

"Pre created an identity that even draws compliments from our competitors!"

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