About us

We don’t just make things look pretty.

We don’t just make clients look good. We grow their business and build their brand.

One of the main things that our clients like about us is that we don’t just make things look pretty. We work best by partnering with our clients as a creative extension of their team. Over the past 10 years we have built a reputation for working with our clients to create strong and effective design that really delivers. Whether you’re looking to build your brand, inject some personality into your collateral or create a truly compelling website, we have the creativity and expertise to help.

What we do best


Want to develop a completely new brand identity or simply need to update your logo? We have a wealth of experience that ensures your brand communicates effectively and engages your customers.

Graphic Design

As a design agency, we love creating eye-catching print. From brochures and annual reports to stationery, booklets and flyers. Our designs work hard to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message.

Web & Digital

We love the power of digital. We do everything from small brochure websites right up to large CMS solutions. Even if you just need an HTML email as part of a larger campaign, we’re the creative geeks for you!

SEO & Social

Having a strong and effective brand and website is useless if people can’t find you. We can increase your reach by helping you rank better in online searches and growing your audiences within social networks.

The Founders


Founder / Creative Director
Paul McLoughlin

I’m a Creative Director & one of the founders of Pre. With over 10 years experience working on projects & dealing with clients, I’ve become obsessed with ensuring our clients always get the best from us & that Pre becomes the best Surrey design agency out there. I believe in attention to detail & over-delivering wherever we can.



Founder / Creative Director
Matt Stoneham

As the other Creative Director and Founder, I love working closely with clients to ensure we not only produce design that they’re happy with – but design that really delivers results as well. If we can create something that the client loves and delivers the results they are looking for then we have truly succeeded in what we set out to do.


What our clients say…

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