The client

TRESemmé produce a range of hair care formulas and solutions to suit different types of hair from shampoos, conditioners and gels to hairsprays and styling sprays.

The brief

TRESemmé position themselves as ‘professional, affordable’ and asked us, with a partner marketing agency, to help them communicate this positioning to their UK market. As the best is usually not the cheapest, it was important to get the design and strategy right.

Campaign concepts
Advert design

Hi-detail retouching
Online ads
Social assets

Our approach

Using master ads from America as a starting point (a VERY different market to the UK) we worked to adapt the designs for a UK audience. We were conscious that British women are more sceptical of over-beautified photos and that looking too high-end would create an imbalance with the ‘affordable’ position of TRESemmé’s brand. We added elements of realism to both the copy and imagery to make the the ads more suitable and effective for this market. We eventually rolled out a set of five adverts for different products within the TRESemmé range, which ran in every major women’s magazine for three months as well as elements within London Underground stations.

The result

Following the success of the press ads and printed materials we were asked to create TRESemmé’s first ever UK digital advertising campaign, using elements such as animated banners and homepage takeovers of 3rd-party websites. During the overall campaign period volume sales rose higher than ever before.

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