The client

Arcstream deliver awe-inspiring experiences, using interactive technology and bespoke software solutions. They work with agencies and some of the world’s biggest brands on projects involving VR, touchscreen technology and generative art. They are continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved using the most sophisticated digital and interactive technologies.

The brief

Arcstream are not like most companies – and that’s what sets them apart. Every experience they create is completely unique and bespoke to the client – often using technologies that most people have never seen before. Arcstream’s existing brand, materials and website didn’t do them justice, so we were asked to help reposition them and help them to better refelect and showcase the amazing work that they do.


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Internal templates

Our approach

Arcstream have many long-standing clients (a testiment to the quality of their work) so their reputation for quality and innovation in these circles was already well established. The challenge for us was to communicate this level of excellence to those who hadn’t worked with them before. We knew the success of the project would be in creating new brand design and a suite of inspiring materials that clearly demonstrated their experience. They would also need a new interactive website design that relected the immersive experiences that they create.

The result

The shift in brand positioning and the visual side of how Arcstream now present themselves has been enormous. With their new brand, comms templates and interactive website design, Arcstream are now presenting themselves in exactly the right way to their target audience. They are giving the right first impression to potential new clients and are effectively showcasing the amazing work that they do. We look forward to seeing the impact it will have on their business and working together to ensure future growth. Visit the website for yourself here >

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