The Client

Shopa was a start-up which tried to reinvent online shopping through social sharing. It encouraged users to share purchases online, incentivising them with vouchers.


Print, Web / Digital

About This Project

Startup design is often hard as there’s no basis to build on, so pre took a great deal of time understanding Shopa’s target markets, aims and aspirations first before starting any work. Visually the Shopa brand needed to stand out to grow recognition and loyalty – but never at the expense of distracting from the actual products available to purchase.


From there we worked from an initial logo created by their in-house team, creating a suite of social assets, HTML templates, press event invites and 3rd-party adverts. Initial results were very positive and the user-base was growing at a reasonable pace.


Unfortunately as with many dotcom start-ups ‘reasonable pace growth’ wasn’t quick enough. Funding soon became an issue and Shopa has stopped trading.