Responsive website design for Canon UK

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Yesterday saw the launch of Canon UK’s Winter Cashback campaign for 2013. PRE are pleased to announce that we worked on the vast majority of items for the UK market. Physically, these included the posters, in-store signage, leaflets and point-of-sale items. This year PRE were also asked to create the first ever responsive website design for the promotion for the UK and Ireland markets.

Designed and built by PRE, the website showcases the products within the campaign. The site also includes a calculator to show customers a bonus amount they’ll receive when they buy 2 products together. The site is responsive to devices, meaning that the layout adapts to the device it’s being viewed on. So customers can clearly see the products whether they’re using a small mobile device like an iPhone, a tablet or a desktop machine. You can see the promotional items in all good retailers across the country now. You can also see Canon’s Cashback website here >