Prospectus Design for Rowan School, Surrey

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PRE unveil the new prospectus design for Rowan School in Surrey. Wrapped in a bespoke mailer, it features foils and varnishes to really set it apart from other schools in the area.

The 24-page prospectus features everyday shots of the school’s children and facilities. It also uses a strong campaign theme of ‘Here we…’ throughout the document. Examples of which are …strive for excellence …bring out the best …celebrate achievement. Something that PRE created, inspired by and building on the school’s original latin motto ‘Hic feliciter laboramus – Here we work happily’. The new prospectus is a just part of a whole suite of items that PRE have created for Rowan over the past year to help ensure the level of their communication and marketing items truly reflects the level of education and excellence they provide.