Rowan School

The Client

Rowan Prep School is a dynamic, forward-thinking school based in Esher, Surrey. They prepare girls for the challenges they will face in life, helping them to develop self-awareness, compassion and respect – valuing all their girls as individuals.



About This Project

At the end of the academic year in 2011 they were assessed as OUTSTANDING by Ofsted (EYFS). From the time we started working with Rowan, the objective was clear that we needed to raise the profile and visual professionalism of their materials.


The private school sector is very competitive, and although Rowan’s results and facilities are excellent this was not being translated or communicated in their materials. PRE have looked at a whole range of items over the past 18 months from events items, brochures and the main prospectus design. We also managed the print elements of the items which includes foils and varnishes to add that extra flourish. All of which ensure that the way that Rowan are presented to the outside world now truly reflects the level of excellence they provide.