GoodManager offer unique interactive and multimedia workshops which equip line managers and supervisors with essential skills and behaviours to help them succeed at work.

Branding / Print Design / Web & Digital


Break the Mould

Pre were asked by start-up GoodManager to help create their new brand and identity. Offering tailored workshops for line managers within smaller organisations, attendees would benefit from engaging and interactive workshops rather than the usual boring ‘courses’ currently available. They needed a brand and materials to match their new stance.


Be Fresh. Be Bold

Pre created a logo and identity that is fresh, engaging, non-threatening and different – all values that the new brand stands for. Once we’d finalised the brand, we moved on to marketing and course materials as well as designing and building their website which features a booking and payments system for their nationwide workshops.


A Firm Foundation

It’s still very early days for GoodManager, but initial feedback for their first phase of workshop launches has been incredibly positive so far. With such a new stance, great resources and a strong brand behind them, we look forward to seeing what the future holds.