About the client

TRESemmé is a brand of haircare products which was initially marketed only to salons. TRESemmé create different formulas to suit different types of hair through Shampoos & Conditioners, Gels, Hairsprays and other styling sprays and have expanded their channels to sell direct to consumers.


Print, Web / Digital

About This Project

TRESemmé position themselves as ‘professional, affordable’. But these words can be conflicting – the best is usually not the cheapest.


That is why design and strategy is so important to get right and is how the conversation started with TRESemmé when they asked us to help them with their UK advertising.


Using master ads from America as starting points (a VERY different market to the UK) we worked to adapt them for a UK audience. British women are much more sceptical of over-beautified photos and looking too high-end would create inbalance with the ‘affordable’ element of TRESemmé’s brand, so elements of realism in both the copy and imagery were added to make them more suitable and effective. We eventually rolled out a set of 5 adverts for different products within the TRESemmé range which ran in every major women’s magazine for 3 months.


Following the success of these ads, pre were then asked to create TRESemmé’s first ever UK digital advertising campaign. Using elements such as animated banners and homepage take-overs of 3rd-party websites, during the period of their launch volume sales rose higher than they’d ever been before.