Dyslexia Action

The Client

Dyslexia Action is a national charity that changes the lives of people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. Dyslexia is a hidden disability that affects approximately 10% of the population to varying degrees, usually causing difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.



About This Project

Pre have worked on Dyslexia Action for a number of years on various design projects. These range from annual reports, catalogues, awards events and fundraising campaigns. For Dyslexia Action, the challenge we always work hard to overcome and pay particular attention to is producing design that is appropriate to the target. Everything we design needs to be effective and engaging for a whole range of audiences. Many of the pieces we design are aimed at teachers, parents and sponsors who may not have Dyslexia but are involved and keen to help. While inspirational and engaging design is key, everything also needs to be accessible to people who do have Dyslexia or struggle with literacy.


With that front of mind we deliberately design items with much more focus on legibility and clarity than we might do for other clients, pushing the Dyslexia Action design guidelines to reach the best results. With a balance always having to be maintained between clarity and inspirational engagement, it’s an interesting brief every time.