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Canon Summer Cashback 2014

Finally, Summer looks like it’s here.  So capture ‘whatever happens’ with Canon products in their Canon Summer Cashback 2014….

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Malibu limited edition bottle Summer 2014

  We’ve very pleased to reveal the Malibu limited edition bottle Summer 2014. This is the third we’ve worked…

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Design of Dyslexia Action’s Awards 2013

This November sees the return of the hugely successful Dyslexia Action Awards dinner. After PRE designing the last 2…

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PRE are going back to school after just being awarded the project of redesigning the communications of a prestigious…

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Secret Santa: PRE-style!

Secret Santa, PRE-style: Budget: £0.00. Everything must be either found or made. Expectations were low, but it actually produced…

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Dyslexia Action Awards

Congratulations to Dyslexia Action The Dyslexia Action Awards evening at the Savoy Hotel the other night raised over £100k….

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Surrey County Council: Every Child a Talker…

Child development leaflets designed and illustrated for Surrey County Council. Out now is this new set of child development…

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My Greatest Challenge – Launch!

PRE have just completed and launched the new microsite for HOPEHIV’s ‘My Greatest Challenge’ campaign. As well as creating…

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My Greatest Challenge Identity

PRE are pleased to reveal the new logo for HOPEHIV’s ‘My Greatest Challenge’ where a team will brave the…

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